Adventures & Art Christine

Born and raised in Canada, I learned quickly of a world that exists beyond the scope of my own neighborhood, past the boundaries of increasing social unrest, and mine to see if I wanted to.

I've traveled in many social circles, some pleasant and some not so pleasant and none are as passion raising as the strife of the hungry in places like Central America. 
It is unimaginable and unforgiveable seeing how poor places like Nicaragua and Haiti are. 

The Chow you see is "Cara", my heart's delight. My interest in the Chow Chow began back in 1993. Because of them, I've met some wonderful people who exemplify the word "mentor".  
I've also traveled to distant lands and appreciate the people who've expanded my horizons. 
I will not care if you download anything here, just don't make any money off of it without sharing. You could find yourself in a heap of trouble if you do. Respect and being realistic are two different things...govern yourself accordingly. Thanks!!
Kenya and friends....